1. Schedule a Buying Consultation

  2. Discuss what you are looking for in your next (or first!) home and your timeline. We will walk through the buying process and provide guidance on the best neighborhoods, price point, etc.

  3. Begin viewing properties online and in person

  4. Choose a Property and Make an Offer

  5. Once under contract, go through the due diligence and closing processes with our guidance

  6. Close on your new home and move in!


  1. Schedule a Selling Consultation

  2. Tour your home and discuss any improvements you have made to the property, etc. We will go through comparable properties to come up with a price and timeline for listing the home. And we will offer suggestions to get the home “show-ready.”

  3. Schedule Photographer. Our team will schedule and pay for a professional photographer to take photos of your home (92% of buyers use the internet in their home search).

  4. List the Home

  5. Accept Offers and come to terms favorable to you with our guidance

  6. Close on your home!