How Apartments Affect Home Value

Common do we hear: "Renters are bad!" "All these apartments are going to sink my home value!" This may not be totally true. 

Charlotte is seeing a lot of new apartments and re-zoning going up all across the city. According to William Rohe, Director of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies at UNC Chapel Hill, there is no firm research that shows rentals have a poor affect on nearby home values.

Our stance is that it all depends on what type of apartments are going up and some other factors. Low end apartments tend to negatively affect nearby home values. Mid to high end apartments tend to increase value or have a neutral impact. Multi-use apartments (combo of retail, shops, and apartment living) are often great for walkability and urbanization of the area. This tends to increase home value as the nation is seeing a trend toward pedestrian friendly living.

People in Charlotte usually buy within 2 miles of where they rent, so the more (quality) renters that move into an area = more eventual buyers = higher demand for nearby homes.

Many will argue that it's not as much the renter as it is the landlord that determines the quality of the property and affect on the area. How well is said landlord caring for the needed repairs, imposing and enforcing restrictions, qualifying the tenants, etc...?

If a new apartment building is going up near your home, here are some red flags to consider:

  • Is there enough parking for the new residents or will they be taking up valuable street space?
  • Will the building block any views (i.e. city skyline) from your home?
  • Is there more than one building going up? A heavy presence of tenancy may be a negative.
  • Will nearby green spaces be compromised with the new complex?

Consider NYC where a large majority of the residents rent, yet the values of the city remain and continue to increase!


New Real Estate Agent Success Guide

Welcome Aspiring Agents! I'll be finishing my 3rd year as a Realtor® this Spring. I have been blessed to sell about 60 homes my first 2 years in the business. I am not a local of my town and I began fresh out of college, so this success has been attributed to a few key things I believe anyone can replicate. Here are 9 success tips for you new Agents.

  • Get a mentor. While obtaining my real estate license I figured there would be no better time to shadow and help another Broker in the business. I didn't know anyone since I was new to Charlotte so I found the blog of an Agent who had similar style to mine and reached out. I ended up working with Genevieve Williams, a successful in town agent, for a year as her part time assistant while she allowed me to attend listing presentations, showings, and just observe how she worked. It was the perfect transition into such a fast moving and abstruse career.
  • Attend a national Real Estate conference.This seems counterintuitive to many since you aren't quite making the big bucks that first year to be able to travel for seminars and extra vacations. However, 6 months into my first year my husband and I made the decision for me to attend the National Association of Realtors annual conference in San Francisco. This experience was paramount to my success over the time to come as it opened my eyes to all my RE business could be while providing invaluable insight for my hungry mind.
  • Scheduled your week on Sundays.My dad (an Agent in Charleston, SC) taught me this tip and he learned it from his Life Coach, Mary Anna Lewis. Taking the reigns on my week before it even begins allows for prioritization of what is most important and gives the opportunity for me to run my week without it running me. I do time-blocking in which I literally schedule in my personal priorities (workouts, dinners, activities) as well as business priorities (blogging, marketing, office time, etc). Certainly the week ebbs and flows as things come up, but if I can get some of the major items set in stone, they are much more likely to happen.
  • Find your Sweet Spot. This lesson is one I've been learning over the last few years in many aspects of life. We are all created differently so the best thing to do is embrace the uniqueness instead of working against it. What the heck does this have to do with real estate? I've learned that there are many different types of successful agents. Some are great at cold calls, some have an eye for interior design. Some have lots of friends and some prefer to keep business and personal life separate. There are agents who are great at giving gifts and those who favor the budgeting side of business. Over time it's become evident that the best and most fulfilling use of my time is to cultivate personal relationships. I do this with personalized, intentional closing gifts and notes. I do this by bringing tulips by at Easter. I do this by inviting clients to social events with Interior Designers. This is the part that makes business fun for me because it suits my passion. Find your niche, go with what makes you tick and work it. You are your best salesperson when you are your truest self.
  • Be a Yes Girl (or Guy). Other successful agents in my office began to take notice of my diligence and willingness to succeed. They began sending me referrals they didn't have time or energy for and I became their "Yes Girl." The first few years in the business, saying yes to these invitations is so vital. It was about 1/3 the source of my business in year one. My suggestion is to not only say yes, but be the first to respond to these requests, and be sure to let the agents know you are available and willing.
  • Block out a full day in December for Goal Setting. So. Much. Fun. I love this part, partly because I love that I spend the whole day at my favorite coffee shop. Not only are we customer service reps, we are business owners! I suggest setting detailed goals and writing them down. I set not only numerical goals but also WHY goals for the reasons behind what I'm doing. Having a visual way to track my progress throughout the year has been a great motivator. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and Lara Casey's Goal Power Sheets are some of my favorite outlines to follow.
  • Live for something higher - emotionally, mentally, and financially. For me, this is my greatest calling and catalyst. When we are living for ourselves, the money, the fame, it is draining and unfulfilling. Let me be frank, this job is HARD. Seriously, one of the hardest jobs I think there is. At the end of some days I've played the role of Realtor®, counselor, financial advisor, attorney, friend, employer, and employee. Having a strength that is not my own is the only way I get through some of the tough days. Not only do I rely on the Lord for emotion stamina and mental wisdom, but also financially. Sanders and I choose to set aside a portion of our income (a tithe in Biblical terms), which allows us to see that the money we make is not our own but is a gift we're given to steward for a period of time. Living for something higher gives a purpose to the problems.
  • Be comfortable with screwing up. If I had a dime for every time in my first few years that I screwed up and learned a valuable lesson, I'd be rich. Even the experienced agents mess up and learn greatly from those mistakes. Fear tries to hold us back from achieving our potential by reminding of past mistakes or insecurities. Don't listen! I believe that the Lord equips the called so if you are in this business, take it seriously and know that you have all you need to succeed.

West Charlotte Schools Game Changer


Have you ever thought your kids could sliding from one floor to another during school hours... and encouraged to do so? Invest Collegiate has an indoor slide that is used as a rewards system for the students.

Public schools of West Charlotte have historically been some of the city's worst in terms of reputation, test scores, dropout rates, etc. Invest Collegiate may be just what the county needs to see transformation.

Dr. Antoinette Ellison, Head of School, is a sharp forward thinking woman whose ideas and leadership have the school on track to be one of Charlotte's greatest. Rather than tell you about the school, I'll let you join me on a tour I took so you can see the difference for yourself.

Located just next to I277, I77, and Uptown Charlotte, Invest is centrally located for students from all over. Many of the students' parents work Uptown and drop them off on the way in each morning.

Invest Collegiate implements the Fish Philosophy and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The school has a no doors philosophy, meaning the spaces are all open to each other. This encourages collaborative learning and the teachers have adapted to lower voice teaching styles to accommodate neighboring classes.

A backpack free school means each student has a cubby where he or she leaves unused books for the day or overnight. The students have a single briefcase style binder they take home at night and carry from class to class.

The views from inside the school are incredible. This is the large group room where teachers can bring students for a more dynamic teaching environment big enough for games, large white boards, etc.

It currently only serves K-8, but there are plans to break ground soon on the High School (9-12) next door.

West Charlotte is becoming a popular place to buy property and raise a family. From the charming bungalows to affordable condos, this side of the city is a great option for those looking to be near the city and convenient to the interstates. If West Charlotte schools have been holding you back from looking at these neighborhoods (Wesley Heights, Wilmore, Southend, etc), it is time to reconsider. Not only is Invest Collegiate a wonderful option, but it is creating a healthy competition among nearby public schools to create a better learning environment for Mecklenburg County.


Make the Most of Your Tiny Space


Every homeowner gets to that point where space seems to get smaller and more cramped. As Americans, we accumulate a bunch of stuff, or at least I do. I can't help but share a personal story of Sanders and I learning to make the most of our tiny space.

Expecting our first baby in early 2016 has been so exciting... but also got us realizing how much babies need and how little storage our little home has. We live in a 3 bedroom ranch in Madison Park with less than 1500 square feet and no garage or storage building. Like many of you, our closets are itty bitty and the attic is less than accessible. I'm fairly organized but organizing can seem so daunting and overwhelming. Attempting it on my own wasn't working so it was time to either buy a new home in the suburbs or hire a professional organizer.

Y'all, meet Jillian Babb. This lady is a miracle worker. She came in and decluttered, de-stressed, and organized my mess of a home. And not just that, she is SO affordable. Jillian asked me my budget up front and did all my closets, laundry room, and kitchen ... including all the needed supplies and materials (i.e. baskets, labels, belt hangers) for within my budget. Pictures speak louder than words so here are a few ...

The friend who referred her to me said it better than I ever could "you will be blessed having her in your home." Email Jillian today to set up a consultation!


Sycamore Brewing Company

Located in the ever-growing Southend location of Charlotte, Sycamore Brewing Company has given the residents of Queen City something new to talk about!  The relatively new brewery is proud to represent North Carolina by offering some of the best craft beer around.  All brews are produced in-house at Sycamore where their facility is 1/2 production room and 1/2 taproom.  There are 28 taps available and they change constantly.

Not only does Sycamore have great tasting beer but it has a cool atmosphere to enjoy as well.  A beer garden outside is lit up by warm glow lights in the evenings and on the weekends live music can be heard playing in the background.  Don't miss out on the food either!  Monday-Thursday, Sycamore produces simple, gourmet sandwiches from their small kitchen located onsite.  Friday-Sunday, local food trucks make their appearance to offer Sycamore guests something new.

Want more? Every weekend, the Sycamore Brewing Run Club gathers a group of people of all running abilities to come together and participate in a fun run through the neighborhoods of Southend and Dilworth.  It's a free event that happens all year long from 12-2pm on Saturdays.  Make new friends on the run and share a beer with them afterwards!  The run offers a 1 mile, 3 mile, or 5 mile route to accommodate every type of runner.  In fact, walkers and their dog friends are even encouraged to join in on the shorter routes!

Sycamore is open Monday-Friday from 4pm-10pm, Saturday from 12pm-11pm and Sunday from 12pm-7pm.  Grab a couple of friends and make plans to visit Sycamore this weekend to get a taste of Charlotte!  For more information, please visit their website: Sycamore Brewery


Fargason Ranch: Before and After

Luke and Alison Fargason are a classic example of "opposites attract." Alison is a Graphic Designer by trade with an eye for design and creativity. Luke is a Financial Advisor with a knack for DIY projects. Combine a handyman who's willing to learn and a Southern Belle with an aesthetic taste and you get the adorable Fargason Ranch.

Sami sold the Fargason's their first home in May 2014. The home is truly a gem being all brick with a 2 car garage and a large wooded lot for under $250k in the South Park area. They purchased it from some sellers who were moving on to a retirement community and no longer had the energy to upkeep the property. The home needed work, but the Fargason's were able to see through the dark wood, dim lighting, and outdated furniture to see its potential.

Here is a list of some of the updates and projects the Fargason's have done to the home. It truly is a one-of-a-kind Before and After house turning into a home.

1. Front porch swing

2. White rocking chairs and outdoor front porch table

3. Board and batten in entryway and hallway (painted white)

4. New light fixtures in the entryway and hallway

5. Replace old door bell ringer

6. Crown molding throughout house

7. Replace old smaller baseboards with larger bright white baseboards in 3 bedrooms

8. Replace vanity hardware and faucet in hall bathroom

9. Replace light fixture in hall bathroom

10. Bead board in hall and master bathrooms

11. Shelving on wall in hall bathroom

12. New curtains throughout house hung higher

13. Painted white the red brick fireplace

14. Removed brass cover on fireplace

15. Restored old dresser (sanded, painted and sealed) to put TV on in living room

16. Security camera

17. Replaced hardware on fireplace cabinet built-ins

18. Replaced 12 doors throughout the house

19. Replaced all door hardware including venetian bronze hinges and handles

20. Painted study French doors white

21. Rug on carpet in study

22. Wingback chair in study off Craigslist

24. World map in study

25. Alison's original artwork throughout house

26. Rug in living room area

27. Rocker chair with ottoman in living room

28. Sealed butcher block table for kitchen nook

29. Chalk paint wall

30. New stainless steel appliances (fridge, dishwasher, range, and microwave)

31. Light, shelving, and cabinets in laundry room

32. Kitchen granite counter tops were already installed

33. Trim on the top of kitchen cabinets

34. Scraped popcorn ceilings

35. Re-painted entire house

I love the way Alison says it, "Love the home you have." Follow their projects and get tips using #FargasonRanch on Instagram.


Why FSBO's Fail

To hire a real estate agent or to not hire a real estate agent?  That is the question.  Before deciding to go the FSBO route to sell your home, considering the statistics of how often For-Sale-by-Owner's fail may make you realize that hiring a real estate agent is actually in your best interest!

According to an article on Inman, there are 10 reasons why for-sale-by owners fail.  Data from a National Association of Realtors survey shows "that less than 10 percent of FSBOs actually sell."  Here are some of the top reasons why:

1. Too many people to negotiate with: Lots of different parties are involved in real estate transactions and dealing with all of these people can be a difficult task.  Just to name a few: the buyer, the buyer's agent, the buyer's attorney, home inspection companies, your bank, the appraiser, etc.  Experienced real estate agents know how to deal with these different parties and completely take that task off of your hands!

2. Homeowners do not know how to prepare the home for sale: Many homeowners are unaware of all the "pre-listing tasks" that are necessary to complete in order to impress potential buyers.  These include: decluttering, painting the rooms with fresh paint, completing necessary repairs, getting floors and carpets professionally cleaned, creating curb appeal of the home, replacing outdated fixtures, etc.

3. Owners do not know how to screen potential buyers: According to the Inman article, homeowners often have no idea that buyers should be pre-approved or at least pre-qualified.  Time can be wasted on unqualified buyers who do not have the ability to purchase the home.

4. Owners fail to solve buyer's queries: A lot of homeowners simply do not have the time to handle buyer's inquiries on the listing or to coordinate showings.  Buyers and their agents want quick responses or they will move on to their next potential property.

5. Owners don't understand the concept of golden time: The concept of golden time is that "homeowners get the most money for their homes in the first week of putting the property on the market."  The longer the property stays on the market, the less money people will be willing to offer.

6. Owners fail to understand the contract procedures: A contract is much more than just an offer from the potential buyer with their price.  There are timelines, clauses, contingencies, etc that are often involved.  Many homeowners might not know how to negotiate these parts of the contract and/or may not even know what they are agreeing to.

7. FSBOs don't know how to handle the home inspection findings: There are almost always some issues found during a home inspection of a house even with relatively newer structures.  In these cases, the buyer will typically request the problems to be fixed before moving forward.  FSBOs have a tendency to believe that nothing is wrong with their home and they refuse to fix the issues that are brought forward.  As a result, the offer will fall through.

8. FSBOs incorrectly price their homes:  Due to lack of experience, homeowners often price their property incorrectly.  A price too high can deter potential buyers away.

9. FSBO homes lack exposure: FSBOs can usually be found on a couple websites but many websites will not allow FSBOs to list their property.  Real estate agents can give the property not just online exposure but also exposure in the local segment of the newspaper or use other tools to help market the property and get the word out there.

10. FSBOs fail in the closing process:  After inspections there are still many things that need to be taken care of prior to closing.  These could include: ensuring the attorney approves the contract, ensuring the survey is ordered, checking that the buyer has obtained a written mortgage commitment, finding out if title work has been reviewed, etc.

It's no wonder that FSBOs are having a hard time selling their property on their own.  Hiring a professional real estate agent could not only eliminate some of these things but it could also lead to a quicker sale and more money in your pocket!  To view the original blog, please visit: Inman


Food Truck Friday

Not sure what to do this Friday night?  Check out one of Charlotte's biggest 'parties' in Southend for Food Truck Friday.  Located on the corner of Park and Camden, numerous food trucks stop to give Charlotteans a taste of something new and unique to the Queen City.

This event is great for many reasons but one thing to highlight is that it is the only food truck event that is all  year long!  That's right, it's not just a summer thing.  You and your friends can enjoy sampling some of the best food in Charlotte any Friday of the year.

No matter what Friday you choose, it's still good to plan ahead as it gets pretty crowded.  There is limited seating so bring your own lawn chair or blanket to hangout for a while and to enjoy the tailgate experience.  The event lasts from 5pm-9pm and all guests must vacate the lot by 10pm.

Parking is also limited in the Historic Southend so pay attention to the 'no parking' signs.  Or you can avoid parking all together by taking the light rail to the stop at Bland Street, which is just north of the food truck location.  The Lynx Blue line runs from I-485 in Southend all the way into Uptown covering more than 9 miles of congestion free commute.  On weekend nights, the Lynx is available every 30 minutes so choose a location nearest to you to hop on and experience Charlotte's first light rail service!

Another good tip to note for this event is that no coolers are allowed however, you may purchase beer or wine next door.  The Common Market and Phat Burrito are two restaurants nearby where alcohol may be purchased from.  Just make sure no open containers are taken outside the lot.

So bring your friends, family and your dog and join in on the fun! For more information please visit: Food Truck Friday

Photo Cred: @eatclt


Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Summer has arrived!  Get your home looking great and ready for all the summer festivities with these home maintenance tips:

  • A/C Tune Up- Prevent unwanted emergencies this summer by getting an A/C tune up.  This routine maintenance is helpful in making sure that the fan is functioning properly, the coils are clean and that there are no faulty wiring problems that could result in a fire hazard.  Inspecting the refrigerant levels is another routine check that will ensure that your A/C stays cool and your bills stay low. Additional Tip: Change your air filters once a month when using your A/C unit on a daily basis.
  • Roof Check- Taking preventative measures by regularly inspecting your roof for minor damages could save you from major damages (and high costs) later.  Experts advise checking your roof annually and cleaning your roof to prevent water damage.
  • Clean Gutters- This routine maintenance procedure should be done twice a year.  Typically early summer and late fall are the best times as the flowers will have already blown away and leaves will have already fallen.  This prevents clogging and unwanted leaks.
  • Window Check- Keep the heat outside this summer by checking the sealants and weather-stripping on all your windows. Make sure both the inside and outside are secure and caulk any open areas.  This helps keep the inside of your home cool and the outside of your home looking great.  Additional Tip: Use a toothbrush to clean the small, hard-t0-reach areas.
  • Pressure Wash Exterior- Routinely remove dirt, statins and mildew from the exterior of your home by pressure washing the outside.
  • Pool Maintenance- Get ready for summer by cleaning the pool, checking the water levels, and balancing the chemicals at least one week prior to opening for swim season.  Additional Tip: Keep your electric bill down by using an energy-efficient pool pump.

Start the summer off right by using these simple home maintenance tips to have your home looking and feeling great!

For more information, please see original blog: She Knows


Juice Bar Coming to Charlotte

It's finally here!  A cool place to eat healthy and feel great with a wide variety of selections to choose from, Juice Bar, has announced that it will be coming to Charlotte in two separate locations this summer.  There will be a Juice Bar in the Park Road Shopping Center and Providence Plaza.

Juice Bar is known for it's vegetarian, organic and gluten free menu.  It has local partners that provide fresh ingredients to offer different blends of juices, smoothies or even some special treats like a quinoa salad or spring rolls.  The concept was started in Nashville by a couple who wanted to provide a place that allowed for a healthy lifestyle starting with the food they ate.  One small place in Nashville has now turned into many locations in the southeast.  Now included on that list is North Carolina.

Typical menu items at Juice Bar include juices like "Fresh Greens" which has celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon and parsley.  Or you can try a root based juice like their "We Got the Beet" which incorporates beets, carrot, apple, ginger and lemon.

Juice Bar also has a variety of essential oils.  There is a ginger juice blend that helps aid the digestion system for those who may have upset stomachs.  They also have a "Sniffle Stopper" which helps combat bacteria and viruses.  From energizers to "allergy shots," Juice Bar seems to have it all!  Plan to visit one of the locations coming near you!


Cowfish Restaurant in SouthPark


There are so many great restaurants in Charlotte.  Sometimes the wide variety of options makes it hard to choose!  If you're looking for something a little different, unconventional, but super tasty then you must try The Cowfish Restaurant in SouthPark.  Cowfish brings together two very different worlds and makes some of the best combinations.  Their focus is offering the best sushi and burger entrees in town.  Their menu offers a wide variety of selections from traditional sushi and burgers to their signature 'Burgushi' creations.  A typical 'Burgushi' option includes a sushi roll with burger components.  That's right, you get your favorite burger wrapped in a sushi roll!

If the Burgushi is too much to handle your first time, Cowfish has a ton of other selections that are sure to please everyone's craving.  While their food is certainly something to rave about, their drinks are great too.  Get a hand-spun milkshake to go with your burger or try a premium sake with your bento box.  With craft beers, wine and even a kids menu, no on is left out.

Cowfish is open Monday-Thursday from 11am-11pm, Friday & Saturday from 11am-12am and Sunday from 11am-10pm.  The atmosphere is casual yet trendy and take-out is available.  However, Cowfish does not take reservations so plan to get there early as the waiting lines could get longer throughout the evening, especially on the weekends.

For more information, check out their


or download their

free app



May in Charlotte


Charlotte is one of the biggest cities in the southeast. As a result, there is always a ton to do! Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer,  there are outdoor activities galore. Below is a list of upcoming outdoor events in the Charlotte area for the month of May:

  • Piedmont Town Center- Located in Southpark, this town center is hosting it's 1st annual Cocktails and Concerts Event.  Every Friday, from 7-11pm, you can enjoy a variety of beverages while listening to live music.  Parking is free and the atmosphere is casual so get a good start to your weekend by joining in on the fun!  The last scheduled concert for this event is May 15th so check it out while it lasts.  For more information please visit: Piedmont Town Center
  • U.S. National Whitewater Center- USNWC hosts a weekly concert series Thursday and Saturday nights from May-September for River Jam.  From 7-10pm, you can enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors with great food and craft beer.  River Jam is a free event however there is a $5 parking fee.  Bring your friends, family, co-workers and pets! For more information visit: USNWC
  • South End- Every Friday, 5-9pm, the Historic Southend holds Food Truck Friday.  Rain or shine this event takes place and parking is limited so plan ahead!  Bring an outdoor chair to lounge in and your appetite as you will want to taste some of the best food Charlotte has to offer! For more information please visit: Historic South End
  • Romare Bearden Park- Enjoy the views of uptown while listening to live music every Wednesday at Romare Bearden Park for their event, Party in the Park.  From 6-9pm, enjoy the sounds of music ranging from jazz to country with friends and family.  Bring your own lawn chair or blanket to enjoy the sights and sounds (bringing your own food is welcome too!).  For more information please visit: Uptown Charlotte
  • BB&T Ballpark- If music isn't your thing, catch a baseball game in Uptown and watch the Charlotte Knights hit a couple home-runs! If you're looking for a weekend home game, the Knights will be in their hometown the weekend of May 15th-16th and May 29th-30th.  Friday night games have an awesome fireworks show after the game so make sure you stay the whole time.  For more information please visit: Charlotte Knights

Now that April Showers have passed, get outside and enjoy the sun and all that the great city of Charlotte has to offer!


How Charlotte's Neighborhoods Got Their Names


Charlotte has numerous neighborhoods that are all full of character.  Each neighborhood has its own vibe and attractions that make each one unique. Have you ever wondered how some of these neighborhoods got their name? Sarah Crosland, for Mental Floss, has written an interesting article on the history and background of some of the neighborhoods all around Charlotte.  Below is a brief summary of some of the most popular neighborhoods:

1. Ballantyne:

This area is one of the newest additions to Charlotte.  Originally farmland and a family hunting preserve, in 1995 the land was purchased by native Charlottean, Smoky Bissell, for development.  The 2,000 acre purchase was named after Bissell's aunt, Barbara Ballantyne.

2. Cotswold:

The Cotswold Village Shops, formerly knows as the Cotswold Mall, were named after the Cotswolds area in England.  The whole neighborhood is now called Cotswold after the shopping center that is located at Randolph and Sharon Amity.

3. Dilworth:

This area is named after it's founder, Edward Dilworth Latta, who developed the city's first street car suburb.  Originally from New York, Latta moved to Charlotte in 1876.  Fourteen years later, Latta joined the mayor and four other investors to develop neighborhood we now know simply as Dilworth.

4. Elizabeth:

This charming area is named from Elizabeth College, founded in 1897, which was located in the present-day site of the Presbyterian Hospital.

5. NoDa:

Short for North Davidson, the street that runs through the heart of the artsy neighborhood. The name was actually coined in the 1990s by architect Russell Pound.

Be sure to check out a full list of neighborhoods and areas on the original blog: How Charlotte's Neighborhoods Got Their Names


Home Prep Guide


Have you ever seen a home that was only on the market for one day?  Did you wonder how it sold so quickly?  What attracted the buyers so much?  There are many factors that go into buying and selling a home and a lot are attributed to personal preference but one sure way to make your home stand out is staging.


Staging is the process of making your home look as aesthetically appealing as possible and it truly does make a difference.  Most sellers know to clean their home and fix items that are obviously needing repairs before putting their home on the market but here are a few extra tips to set your home apart from the rest:

  • Paint.  This is one of the most cost-effective improvements a homeowner can make that goes a long way when it comes to selling their home.  Choose neutral colors like grey and beige.  This gives the home a more uniform, clean and classic look that will appeal to multiple potential buyers as they envision themselves living there.
  • De-clutter.  Create more visual space by removing excess items or by removing a few pieces of furniture.  You can donate or sell items you no longer need or just store things away to better showcase countertops, living space, closets etc.
  • Convert.  All rooms should be brought back to their original purpose.  If you used a spare bedroom as a secondary living area or bonus room, converting the room back to it's original purpose gives the home a layout that will make sense to a potential buyer when they are looking at all your home has to offer.
  • Replace. Change all the light bulbs in your home with the highest wattage possible.  You will want to have all your lights on for every showing so having a light bulb that can really illuminate a room is key.
  • Landscape.  Trim shrubs or plant colorful flowers to enhance the outside look of your home.  Curb appeal matters.

Remember, looks do make a difference.  Hire a professional to get the job done right and to help prioritize tasks.  Use these simple tips and get your home ready for the market in no time!


Spring is Here!


Sunshine, warmer weather and longer days can only mean one thing: Spring is here!

It's time to get outdoors and get involved in all the community events Charlottehas to offer.  A great way to kickstart Spring is to get active by signing up for a local race.  

Upcoming Races:

  • Elizabeth 8k Road Race- March 21st @ 8am @ The Hawthorne Recreation Center in Independence Park
    • Take a scenic tour of the Elizabeth neighborhood with this 5 mile race or sign up for the casual 1.5 run/walk event that is un-timed and just for fun! There's even a Liz Kid's Fun Run for smaller children so bring your family and friends.  You can run alone or with a group.  Either way you will be supporting the beautification of the Historic Elizabeth Neighborhood.
    • Dash for Down Syndrome 5k- March 21st @ 8:30am @ The Blakeney Professional Center
      • Support a great cause by running 3.21 miles (vs the standard 3.1) in honor of the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome present in people with Down syndrome.  All proceeds go to the continuing education and information provided to families and individuals with Down Syndrome.  If you can't run, volunteer!
      • Know Your Craft 5k- April 4th @ 9am @ Triple C Brewing Compnay
        • All participants will enjoy a fun after party including live music and beers!  Proceeds go to the Project to Heel charity.  Project to Heel uses the healing power of dogs to help children and adults with special needs and Veterans who are wounded or disabled.  This course is dog friendly so bring your four-legged friend with you and join in on all the action!
        • Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon and 10k- April 11th @ 7:30am @ Southpark
          • If you are looking for a little more of challenge, sign up for the half marathon at SouthPark.  Charlotte RaceFest partners with several charitable organizations including Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Bring a good cheering section with you and cross the finish line for a medal that not only represents your accomplishment but your support for your community.
          • Heart of the City 5k- April 18th @ 8am @ First Methodist Church of Charlotte
            • This 5k tours the 'heart' of Uptown Charlotte showcasing all that it has to offer the residents who live there.  Proceeds benefit First Methodist Church in their efforts to reach out to the community surrounding them whom they serve.  In addition to supporting the community, First Methodist Church donates profits to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Races are a great way to get the whole family outdoors while supporting local charities.  Sign-up now!