Real Estate Agents Fight For Their Lives Real Estate Agents Fight For Their Lives

After an Arkansas Real Estate Agent was killed in October while showing a home, the industry is a little on edge. Savvy + Co Real Estate has decided to fight back. This week, the Agents were invited to begin a series of free self-defense training courses at the Charlotte Martial Arts Academy in South End. Being an industry dominated by females, Agents known for "selling themselves" with photos and personal information, and being at risk every day in the field, it is vital that the Agents are trained to perceive attackers and be able to fight and flee.

Note to Clients from Sami MacDonald, a Savvy + Co Real Estate Agent: From now on, I will be photocopying ID's and requiring some personal information of any new clients who I am meeting for the first time. I will also be using the buddy system for Open Houses and many on-site showing and listing appointments. My hope is that any potential clients will understand the risk of our profession and be willing to cooperate with these requests. After all, we can all agree that being alive is more important than selling a home!