Go Green: Tips for Saving Energy in your Home


Want to be more energy efficient? Or better yet, want to reduce your electric bill?

Here are a few tips for saving energy in your home:

  • Electric water heaters and electric heating and cooling systems take more than 50% of your at home energy use.  Cut these costs down by installing timers and programmable thermostats respectively.  These items help you control when you use this energy resulting in lower costs.
  • Wash your clothes on Sunday in cold water with only completely full loads.  Consider using a timer for your dryer to run during off-peak hours (after 10 pm).  Or you can always hang your clothes to dry on a clothesline.  Either option proves to be way more energy efficient than doing your laundry during peak hours.
  • Meal prep on the weekends instead of using your range/oven every day of the week.  A crockpot, slow cooker or outdoor grill are a few other great alternatives to use to save energy when cooking.
  • Install a timer for your outdoor lights and only set them to come on after 10pm.  Cut off all the lights before leaving your house or specific rooms not being used to save energy and to lower bills.
  • Use a timer on your dishwasher to only run after 10pm as well.  Using these types of appliances during off-peak hours really does save the homeowner money.

Go Green. Be an environmental steward of resources today starting with your home!