How Charlotte's Neighborhoods Got Their Names


Charlotte has numerous neighborhoods that are all full of character.  Each neighborhood has its own vibe and attractions that make each one unique. Have you ever wondered how some of these neighborhoods got their name? Sarah Crosland, for Mental Floss, has written an interesting article on the history and background of some of the neighborhoods all around Charlotte.  Below is a brief summary of some of the most popular neighborhoods:

1. Ballantyne:

This area is one of the newest additions to Charlotte.  Originally farmland and a family hunting preserve, in 1995 the land was purchased by native Charlottean, Smoky Bissell, for development.  The 2,000 acre purchase was named after Bissell's aunt, Barbara Ballantyne.

2. Cotswold:

The Cotswold Village Shops, formerly knows as the Cotswold Mall, were named after the Cotswolds area in England.  The whole neighborhood is now called Cotswold after the shopping center that is located at Randolph and Sharon Amity.

3. Dilworth:

This area is named after it's founder, Edward Dilworth Latta, who developed the city's first street car suburb.  Originally from New York, Latta moved to Charlotte in 1876.  Fourteen years later, Latta joined the mayor and four other investors to develop neighborhood we now know simply as Dilworth.

4. Elizabeth:

This charming area is named from Elizabeth College, founded in 1897, which was located in the present-day site of the Presbyterian Hospital.

5. NoDa:

Short for North Davidson, the street that runs through the heart of the artsy neighborhood. The name was actually coined in the 1990s by architect Russell Pound.

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