Juice Bar Coming to Charlotte

It's finally here!  A cool place to eat healthy and feel great with a wide variety of selections to choose from, Juice Bar, has announced that it will be coming to Charlotte in two separate locations this summer.  There will be a Juice Bar in the Park Road Shopping Center and Providence Plaza.

Juice Bar is known for it's vegetarian, organic and gluten free menu.  It has local partners that provide fresh ingredients to offer different blends of juices, smoothies or even some special treats like a quinoa salad or spring rolls.  The concept was started in Nashville by a couple who wanted to provide a place that allowed for a healthy lifestyle starting with the food they ate.  One small place in Nashville has now turned into many locations in the southeast.  Now included on that list is North Carolina.

Typical menu items at Juice Bar include juices like "Fresh Greens" which has celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, lemon and parsley.  Or you can try a root based juice like their "We Got the Beet" which incorporates beets, carrot, apple, ginger and lemon.

Juice Bar also has a variety of essential oils.  There is a ginger juice blend that helps aid the digestion system for those who may have upset stomachs.  They also have a "Sniffle Stopper" which helps combat bacteria and viruses.  From energizers to "allergy shots," Juice Bar seems to have it all!  Plan to visit one of the locations coming near you!